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What happens in the NFL if over time runs out in the super bowl?

  1. If the 15 minute period of overtime ends in the NFL super bowl, what happens if its still tied?
    Then what happens if double overtime runs out?

    Answer by Brotherhood
    they go into double overtime

    if doule overtime runs out they go into triple overtime and so on

  2. Its Posthumus Zone [NFL Super Bowl Intro] I cant find it any where and I would love to download it, help please?

    Answer by hii:)AC/DC4LIFEE
    if you find it on youtube it should be on which turns the videos into mp3s also virus free just in case hope this helpss

  3. I have read that the 2009 NFL Super Bowl will play in France but will they air the halftime show with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band? Last year we were disappointed when the TV station did not have “rights” to show the halftime concert. Will French stations be able to play it? Any information will be helpful, thanks!

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    Answer by FootballGuru
    yeah they fixed it

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